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A fairly scarce medal here, the WWII Soviet medal "For Capture of Budapest." Type 1 example with soldered wire suspension ring, mounted on brass kolodka. This is the only capture medal which features a "raised rim" on the reverse of the award, which is a sub-variant of the immediate post-war award. This medal was likely awarded in 1945-46. A very desirable example in great condition.


The Medal "For the Capture of Budapest" (Russian: Медаль «За взятие Будапешта») was a World War II campaign medal of the Soviet Union established on 9 June 1945 by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to satisfy the petition of the People's Commissariat for Defense of the Soviet Union to recognise and reward the participants of the battle for the capture of the city of Budapest from the armed forces of Nazi Germany. 

WWII Soviet Medal "For the Capture of Budapest"

SKU: SOV0289

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