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A very unique piece of US WWII homefront material here. This is a relatively impressive souvenir program from an event commemorating the Golden State Company's participation in the 7th War Loan. The 7th War Loan Drive started just days after V-E Day, running from May 14, 1945 through June 30, 1945. Closed, this leatherbound program measures at 14.75" x 12.5". Inside, it features photos of the peformers, speakers, and musicians who performed at the event, as well as a portrait of and letter from the vice president of the Southern California division of the Golden State Company. In the letter, he expresses his pride in the Milkmen of the Golden State Company for their efforts in fundraising for the war effort. 


In good condition overall, but there is some fraying to the edges of the pages which is visible in photos. Photos are attached to the pages with glue, and as a result, some slight bending of the page is present. Displays very well, an uncommon item. 

US, WWII, 7th War Loan Fundraiser Event Souvenir Book (14.75"x12.5")

SKU: US0124

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