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Are these items original?

Absolutely. All items sold here are original pieces of history. Occasionally you will find a medal with a replacement ribbon, but aside from that there are no reproductions sold here. I guarantee the originality of all items sold for life.

What is the return policy?

If you can show evidence that the product is in fact a reproduction, I will buy the item back from you within a week of your return inquiry. Conclusive evidence of an item's status as a reproduction can be from experts in the field of collecting and/or reputable communities such as WAF or Warrelics forum.

Are you buying?

Of course! I am always looking to add more items to the store and to my personal collection. If you have an item (or items) for sale, please contact me. I will be happy to make you an offer.

What shipping options are available?

Domestic shipping will be the most affordable rate possible, with most smaller items being only $3. Depending on the size of the item being shipped, the shipping cost may be more or less than $3. A tracking number can be provided as well.


International shipping is provided at a flat rate of $15 to cover shipping and cost of packaging. International shipping comes with a customs number but no tracking number at this price. 

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