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This is a fine original Order of the Red Star, Serial No. 1,267,884. This order has been researched and was awarded to Postovit, Vyacheslav Andreevich - Guards Lieutenant of the Medical Service. Postovit served with a guards mortar division armed with the famed Katyusha rockets.

The award citation reads as follows:

"Guards Lieutenant of the Medical Service Comrade Postovit has worked as medical assistant for the division’s mobile workshop since the moment of its formation in 1943. During his entire period of service, he has not allowed a single case of infectious disease among the men. He carries out prophylactic measures in a timely fashion to warn of any type of disease. During the past three months of 1945, has a result of his dogged work, the workplace injury rate has fallen by 45%. He constantly and in a timely fashion tends to the mens’ living conditions.

The workshop has not evacuated a single man to the hospital, which has facilitated fulfillment of the production plan for repair of vehicles knocked out of action during combat actions by the division’s units.

For irreproachable service and diligence to his duties, and for preserving the lives and health of the workshop’s personnel, Comrade Postovit deserves the Government award, the Order of the Red Star."


Buyer will be emailed archival scans of researched documents, along with translations of the citation and award record card.



The Order of the Red Star was awarded to soldiers of the Soviet Army, Navy, border and internal security forces, employees of the State Security Committee of the USSR, as well as NCOs and officers of the bodies of internal affairs; to units, warships, associations, enterprises, institutions and organizations; as well as to military personnel of foreign countries:

for personal courage and bravery in battle, for the excellent organization and leadership in combat that contributed to the success of our troops;

for successful operations of military units and formations which resulted in the enemy suffering considerable casualties or damage;

for outstanding service in ensuring public safety and the security of the State Border of the USSR;

for courage and valour displayed during the performance of military duties, or, in circumstances involving a risk to life;

for exemplary performance of special command tasks and other outstanding deeds committed in peacetime;

for great contribution in maintaining the high combat readiness of troops, excellent performance in combat and political training, in the mastery of new combat equipment and other services associated with strengthening the defensive might of the USSR;

for merit in the development of military science and technologies used in training of the Armed Forces of the USSR;

for merit in strengthening the defence capabilities of the socialist community.

Soviet Order of the Red Star (Serial No 1,267,884 - Researched, Guards, Medical)

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