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A very attractive badge here, made for wear by veterans of the PSKR (Border Patrol Ship) Aisberg (Iceberg). Beautiful multi-colored enamel work, multi-piece construction, and a working pin and catch on the reverse. 


The Border Troops had their own naval assets. They were subordinated administratively to the Sea Directorate of the Border Troops (Морское управление пограничных войск), headed by a Rear admiral / Vice admiral. Operationally the naval units were subordinated to the border districts. The patrol ships of the naval service were much heavier armed than similar-sized ships of coast guards around the world. They lacked the sophisticated anti-air and anti-ship missile systems, but were armed with artillery as heavy as the AK-100 and for their ASW they carried anti-submarine mortars, torpedoes and even anti-submarine missile systems. Soviet and Russian naval classification did not follow Western convention for smaller major surface combatants. While Western navies use classification based on the ship's size (aviso, corvette, frigate, destroyer), the Soviet Navy (and by extension the KGB's naval service) used classification based on the ship's function. Thus the corvette and frigate-sized warships of the Navy and the Naval Service were classified as guard ships (sing. сторожевой корабль, abbreviated SKR (СКР)). To distinguish the ships of the border troops from those of the navy, the former are classified as border guard ships (sing. пограничный сторожевой корабль, abbreviated PSKR (ПСКР).

Soviet Navy KGB/Border Patrol Ship "PSKR Iceberg" Commemorative Badge

SKU: SMG0001

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