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A very striking original copy of Der Schulungsbrief dated 1936. Der Schulungsbrief functioned as a political indoctrination magazine that was distributed by the NSDAP. In excellent condition with no major damage. This issue primarily discusses topics regarding law - specifically from an anti-semitic angle - with statements typical of the time, such as:


"The Seefeld case provides an instructive example of the correctness of the law against habitual criminals (emasculation and preventive detention). Here a 65-year-old tramp has to answer for 12 boy murders and 4 sexual offenses that he has committed in recent years. This criminal comes from a completely degenerate family and has a heavy hereditary burden. His father was a drunk, his brother is mentally retarded, and he himself committed a sexual offense at the age of 16. Since then he - who has been roaming the country roads homeless for 30 years - has been guilty of new crimes again and again. How much suffering and what expense could have been saved Eugenics, ethnic / National Socialist ideas."

Pre-WWII German NSDAP "Der Schulungsbrief" Law Issue, 1936

SKU: GER0218

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