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Early 1950's Hungarian Working People's Party flag. This flag is double sided and bears the Hungarian Working People's Party logo sewn onto it's center. It shows staining and discoloration from improper storage which is visible in photos. A very rare find. It measures at approximately 26" x 46".


The Hungarian Working People's Party (Hungarian: Magyar Dolgozók Pártja, abbr. MDP) was the ruling party of Hungary from 1948 to 1956. It was formed by a merger of the Hungarian Communist Party (MKP) and the Social Democratic Party of Hungary (MSZDP). Ostensibly a union of equals, the merger had actually occurred as a result of massive pressure brought to bear on the Social Democrats by both the Hungarian Communists, as well as the Soviet Union. The few independent-minded Social Democrats who had not been sidelined by Communist salami tactics were pushed out in short order after the merger, leaving the party as essentially the MKP under a new name. Its leader was Mátyás Rákosi until 1956, then Ernő Gerő in the same year for three months, and eventually János Kádár until the party's dissolution. Other minor legal Hungarian political parties were allowed to continue as independent coalition parties until late 1949 but were completely subservient to the MDP.

Early "Hungarian Working People's Party" Flag (26" x 46")


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