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A beautiful WWI/WWII era US Air Corps Academy pennant from Ellington Field. The US Army Air Corps was active from 1926 and 1941. Ellington Field, located in Huston Texas, was an Advanced Training Academy for the US Army Air Corps.


Measures at 11"x 29" (~28 x 74 cm)


In 1917, the U.S. government purchased 1,280 acres (5.2 km2) of land from Dr. R. W. Knox and the Wright Land Company to establish an airbase in Houston. The location, near Genoa Township in southeast Houston, was selected because the weather conditions were ideal for flight training. Soldiers from nearby Camp Logan briefly assisted with the construction of the airfield when civilian workers went on strike. Soon after construction began on the airfield, the base was named after Eric Ellington, an Army pilot killed four years earlier in a plane crash in San Diego.


The base, which consisted of a few hangars and some wooden headquarters buildings, was completed in a matter of months. By the end of 1917, the field was ready to receive its first squadron – the 120th Aero Squadron, which was transferred from Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas, along with its Curtiss JN4 Jenny biplanes, which were shipped in wooden crates via railroad.

WWII US Air Corps Academy "Ellington Field" Pennant

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