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This is an original WWII German Luftwaffe (air force) Forestry collar tab. In excellent condition overall with silver bullion piping and minimal wear or discoloration. 

Based on the cloth being the same color on the obverse and reverse of this tab, I do not believe it has faded from it's original color. 


While initially, Forestry was it's own division of the German administration, after Goring was appointed as Reichsforst und Jägermeister, (National Forestry and Hunting Master), in 1933, he subdivided the forestery administration into 4 branches, General, Private, Heer and Luftwaffe. 


Each of the four main departments of the Forestry Service were responsible for forested areas and wild life that fell under their direct control and with the Army Forestry Service that primarily consisted of training and exercise areas.

WWII German Luftwaffe Forestry Hauptmann Collar Tab

SKU: CBK0262

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