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Here is an absolutely excellent grouping that once belonged to US Army Air Service Pvt. Edwin B. McGuire of NY.


The 1925 letter from the US Department of War is to issue a replacement medal with no clasps for Victory in WWI. It is named to Edwin B. McGuire of NY. In researching this name, I found a copy of the form used to order his memorial. Edwin B. McGuire was a private in the National Army Air Service. He enlisted November 9th 1918 (two days before the end of WWI) and was honorably discharged on November 23 of the same year. A very short military career indeed. Included in this grouping are two medals awarded to Edwin, as well as a cap badge from the Royal Canadian Regiment. I am unsure how Edwin came to posess the Royal Canadian Regiment cap badge, but it was included when found, and I assume he somehow acquired it during his two weeks of service time.


This is an interesting piece of US militaria and certainly a nice grouping for the price. I will email you a scan of the document for Edwin's memorial upon purchase, as it is interesting to display alongside the grouping. 


The grouping includes:

  • US WWI Victory Medal
  • NY State WWI Service Medal (Serial No. 33,718)
  • Royal Canadian Regiment Cap Badge
  • 1925 Dated Letter from War Department 

WWI Grouping Named to US National Army Air Service Pvt. Edwin B. McGuire


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