The Order of the Badge of Honour was a civilian award of the Soviet Union. It was established on 25 November 1935, and was conferred on citizens of the USSR for outstanding achievements in production, scientific research and social, cultural and other forms of social activity; for promotion of economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other ties between the USSR and other countries; and also for significant contribution to basic and applied research.

This is a nearly mint condition example of the Order of the Badge of Honour. This is a type 4 award, concave reverse. It is multi-piece construction, with the letters "CCCP" being soldered on rather than molded into the badge itself. Type 4 awards were circulated from 1953 until 1988. The serial number on this award would date it to the early/mid 1960's, making it earlier and more desirable than other Type 4 awards. Enamel is in excellent condition. Original ribbon and mount. 

Soviet Order of the Badge of Honour (#483,890)

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