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An original WWII Soviet 'Excellent Machine Gunner' badge. This badge depicts the hammer and sickle on a translucent red enamel field, under the text 'Отличный пулеметчик', translating to 'Excellent Machine Gunner'. It also features a Maxim machine gun below for distinction. This badge is complete with it's original maker marked spinner on the reverse. 


There is considerable wear on this badge and it shows enamel damage which is clearly visible in photos. It definitely has the "been there" look to it. Despite it's flaws, it is an authentic wartime badge that displays well in any WWII Soviet collection. 


The "Excellent Machine Gunner" badge was established by the Presidium of the USSR on 21.05.42. as an award for the best machine gunners of the Red Army, the Navy and the NKVD, as well for the any person of machine-gun crew in rank of NCO's and enlisted personnel.


Grounds for awarding: outstanding achievements at work, sniping fire from machine-gun, excellence in combat, the skillful possession of personal weapons, competent use by choosing fire position, camouflaging, and safety of entrusted government property.

WWII Soviet "Excellent Machine Gunner" Badge

SKU: SOV0081

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