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A good original WWII Soviet Combat Service Medal here, with early low serial number of 263,250. High pin/double steel mount. This medal has been researched and is attributed to Gordienko, Aleksandr Afanasevich in 1943 for his meritorious service as a tractor operator at the 256th Air Base, Air Force of the Red-Banner Baltic Sea Fleet. Award citation reads as follows:


"He has served at the 256th Air Base since 1939 as a tractor driver on the airfield. Since the start of the Patriotic War, he has supported the combat work of the aircraft on his [SKhTZ-]NATI-3 tractor. During the entire period of the war, Comrade Gordienko’s tractor has never been out of commission, even in the severe winter conditions of 1941-1942. This man is a special kind of worker, whom one can always find at his tractor. He is never at rest, and if all of his own things are in order, he helps others. He has mastered his tractor like a virtuoso. On summer days he is constantly on alert; he sees where the help of a tractor is needed, not waiting for the call. Where a challenging towing is needed, the engineers always call on Gordienko. During his whole tenure at the airfield, he has not has a single incidence of delay or breakdown. He is efficient, disciplined, and especially exact in his work. He is widely respected and popular among the engineers, technicians, and flight units due to his
work and alacrity.
Deserves a government award."

In addition to this Combat Service Medal, Afanasevich was awarded 2 other Combat Service Medals, an Order of the Red Star, Medal "For Victory Over Germany", Medal "For Defense Of Leningrad", and Medal "For the Capture of Koenigsberg".


Scans (14) of archival documents will be emailed to the buyer, along with translation of award record card and citation. 


The Combat Service Medal was a Soviet military medal awarded for "combat action resulting in a military success", "courageous defense of the state borders", or "successful military and political training and preparation".


WWII Soviet Combat Service Medal (Serial No. 263,250 - Researched, 1943)

SKU: SOV0291

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