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A very rare original WWII German paperwork grouping here. This is a Postal Savings Bank (Account Pass) Book (Postsparbuch) with matching red card stock Postal Savings Bank Book Account Card (Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte). Included in the grouping are an additional two books for recording transactions belonging to the same Reichspost Savings Bank account number. 


The account book and card had to be presented together by the account owner to make a deposit (Einzahlung) or withdrawal (Rückzahlung) from an account. Every book and card combination came with a supply of withdrawal slips bearing the same account number as the card and book. All transactions were entered in the pass book by date and amount, signed for by a postal clerk and stamped with the same date stamp that the post office used to cancel postage stamps on letters. A convenient aspect of the system was that one could get money from or pay money into an account in any post office in Nazi Germany. The backside of the Ausweiskarte was blank and the last five pages of the Postsparbuch have rules and regulations for Deutsche Reichspost savings accounts.

WWII German Deutsche Reichspost Savings Account Grouping

SKU: CBK0035

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