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From 1930 until the 1970s, the National Guard Bureau held annual indoor rifle matches and presented individual awards. Since that time the awards have been for teams only. From the inception of the matches until shortly after the Vietnam War, the individual awards were medals. Although the medals have a general similar appearance, there were at least five types of medals. This is a TYPE 2 medal, which is determined based on the fact that it says "NATIONAL GUARD" on the reverse and not "MILITIA" which is found on type 1 medals. This medal looks to have been engraved rather haphazardly by its winner: "Co. C 134 Inf, 1938" and "Don Dillow." This medal features an early style wrap brooch, which reinforces its 1938 inscription, as wrap brooches were only found on National Guard Buereau shooting medals from 1934-1939.


Great condition. 

US National Guard Bureau Shooting Competition Medal (1938)

SKU: US0013

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