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An authentic and uncommon badge here. This is a WWII era US Army Air Force Aerial Gunner badge. Unfortunately missing one of it's pins on the reverse. Clearly marked sterling. Strong details, displays well. 


The Aerial Gunner Badge was a military aeronautical badge of the United States Army Air Forces and was issued during the Second World War. The badge was first created and authorized on April 29, 1943 to recognize both the training and hazardous duty of aerial gunners, who manned defensive machineguns on board such aircraft as the B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26 and B-29 bombers.


The Aerial Gunner Badge appeared as a standard observer badge, upon which was centered a winged bullet. It was primarily awarded to USAAF enlisted aircrewmen, but a small number of commissioned officers also qualified and were awarded this insignia, to include film actor Clark Gable.

US, WWII, Aerial Gunner Wings (Sterling, Missing Pin)

SKU: US0129

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