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An interesting interwar period German medal bar here. This bar is composed of two unofficial awards which were distributed to members of veterans organizations. The award on the left is the War Commemorative Medal 1914/1918 of the Kyffhäuser Union. It is followed by a Preußischen Landes-Kriegerverbandes Honor Cross, 2nd class. Descriptions of the individual awards are below. This bar is in great condition and would make a great addition to your German collection. Not a combination that you see every day. Functional pin and catch on the reverse. 


The War Commemorative Medal 1914/1918 of the Kyffhäuser Union was instituted on June 18, 1921, by the Kyffhäuser Union (German: Kyffhäuserbund), an umbrella organization of German veterans’ and reservists’ associations, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Kyffhäuser Memorial. The medal was designed by the renowned German sculptor and medalist Prof. Hermann Hosaeus, who was also a member of the Kyffhäuserbund's board. The medal could be awarded to all members of the Kyffhäuserbund who had served in the Great War (World War I).


The Prussian State Warrior Association (Preußischen Landes-Kriegerverbandes) established the Cross of Honor for its members on August 16, 1921 in 2 classes. The award had to be applied for by the individual Kriegervereine at the regional board. The 2nd class was awarded for outstanding merits in the warrior club system of the Prussian State Warrior Association.



Interwar 2 Position German Veterans Medal Bar

SKU: GER0158

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