A very nice  and early Soviet Order Of The Red Star, serial number 465,272. This order has been fully researched, and was awarded on the 21st of November, 1943 to Junior Lieutenant David Abramovich Krinfeld. Clearly marked on the reverse with stamp from the mint and serial number. Matching original spinner. This Red Star comes with an exceptional amount of research material including two portraits of the original owner. 


The buyer will recieve 23 high quality scans of research documents including 2 portraits of the original owner, one with awards visible. Translations will be provided for ORS citation and record card, an additional untranslated citation is included for Krinfeld's Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st Class. 


David Abramovich Krinfeld was born in Vinnitsia Oblast, Komsomolsky District, in the village of Brodetskoe in 1914. His record card lists his nationality as "Jewish" and his education level as "middle." David's service in the Red Army began in November of 1941. He entered combat in February of 1942, and was wounded in battle near Smolensk on April 4th of the same year. In May of 1943, David returned to service and was sent to the Bryansk Front. He was awarded the Order Of The Red Star by decree of 35th Howitzer Artillery Brigade №8/N of November 21st, 1943. At the time of awarding, his record card states that he was a Jr. Lieutenant in the role of Fire Platoon Commander, 4th Battery, 824th Howitzer Artillery Regiment. His award citation reads as follows:

"During the time of service in the regiment in the position of fire platoon commander, he proved himself a strong-willed, disciplined, and demanding commander.

In battles on the Orlov and Bryansk axes, he skillfully directed his platoon. He destroyed 2 mortar batteries and 3 earth-and-timber bunkers, and suppressed 3 artillery batteries.

In battle in for the village of Aluntyeva, in the area of Nevel, under intense artillery and mortar fire, he directed the gun[s] over open sights. He destroyed 3 machine gun positions, blasted 2 earth-and-timber bunkers and one aircraft shelter, suppressed the fire of 4 machine gun positions, and destroyed up to a platoon of enemy infantry, which facilitated the advance of our infantry. In this battle, Comrade Krinfeld displayed bravery, courage, steadfastness, and the ability to deal with combat conditions.

He conducts major work on the ideological-political education of communists, and daily he passes on his great personal experience in Party work to the Party organizers of Party organizations. Comrade Krinfeld commands great respect among the brigade’s personnel. Comrade Krinfeld deserves awarding of the Order of the Red Star"

In this 1943 citation, Krinfeld is notably commended on his major work to educate fellow communists. Interestingly enough, he did not join the Communist Party himself until 1944. David ended his Red Army servicetime on July 1st, 1946. His final rank was Lieutenant. Following demobilization, David Abramovich Krinfeld moved to the city of Dnepropetrovsky and worked in the “Komintern” Factory, in the workers’ supply department, as an agent.


Krinfeld was also awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st Class, Medal for Victory Over Germany, and Medal for Capture of Königsberg.

Soviet Order of the Red Star (Serial No. 465,272 - Researched, Artillery)

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