A very nice and early WWII Soviet Medal "For Courage" (Serial No. 174,135) awarded Panas Vartanovich Gyulazizyan by Air Force Decree №06/N of 07.02.1943, in recognition of mechanical support for squadrons making airdrops to partisans. This medal is an early type but has been remounted for wear on a late-1940's/early 1950's brass suspension with low pin. 


The buyer of this award will receive 16 archival scans of relevant information pertaining to the award/veteran, along with a translated copy of his award record card. This will be delivered via email unless otherwise requested. 


The Medal "For Courage" was created by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 17, 1938. It was awarded to soldiers of the Soviet Army, Navy, border and internal troops and other citizens of the USSR, as well as to persons who are not citizens of the USSR, for personal courage and bravery displayed in battles against the enemies of the socialist fatherland, while protecting the state border of the USSR, during the performance of military duties in circumstances involving a risk to life.

WWII Soviet Medal "For Courage" (Serial No. 174,135 - Researched)

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