A very nice WWII Soviet bar here, featuring:


  • Medal for the Liberation of Prague (Type 1)
  • Medal for the Capture of Berlin (Type 1)
  • Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw (Type 1)
  • Medal for the Defense of Leningrad (Type 1)
  • Medal for Victory over Germany in the GPW (Type 1)


All of the medals featured on this early bar are type 1 variants. All ribbons are in good condition but do show some wear and age which is visible in photos. This bar really tells a story and is perfect for the WWII Soviet collector. Disclaimer: The Medal for Victory Over Germany was missing from the bar when I originally purchased it, so a replacement type 1 Victory medal was found to replace it. 

WWII Soviet 5 Position Medal Bar (Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Leningrad)

SKU: SOV0057