A very cool and interesting WWII German War Merit Medal here, DIY mounted to it's matching ribbon bar. The medal itself is in very good condition but does show some age spotting which is visible in photos. On the reverse, it is attached to the ribbon bar with period thread, sewn through the medal's suspension ring. An interesting and unique modification for this relatively common WWII German award.


The War Merit Medal (Kriegsverdienstmedaille) was a World War II German military decoration awarded to recognize outstanding service by civilians in relation to the war effort. It was instituted on 19 August 1940 and usually awarded to those workers in factories who significantly exceeded work quotas. The War Merit Medal was awarded only to Germans and non-Germans civilians, to men and women. An estimated 4.9 million medals were awarded by the end of the war in Europe. It was closely related to the War Merit Cross, which could be awarded to military personnel and civilians alike for outstanding service to the war effort.

WWII German War Merit Medal (Mounted)

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