A very interesting item here. This antique coin wallet has an RAD cap device attached to the front of it, along with the initials "RH." Inside of the wallet are 4 coins, which is exactly how this item arrived to me. Push button closure functions normally. Wallet shows clear signs of use.


The coins contained within are:

2 pfennig (1938)

2 mark (1938, silver)

1/2 million mark (Notgeld, Hamburg 1923)

200,000 mark (Notgeld, Hamburg 1923)


Overall, this is a unique item and priced fairly to reflect it's somewhat questionable history. It may be a personal item from a former RAD member, but it may also be a souvenir from a WWII veteran. Either way, it is a one-of-a-kind piece of history.

WWII German RAD Coin Wallet (w/ Coins)

SKU: GER0103