A very fine NS-RKB (Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund) 40 Year membership badge here with almost all of it's original gold finish remaining. Enamel is in excellent condition. Working pin and catch on the reverse, marked "GES. GESCH." and "5" (HERMANN WERNSTEIN, JENA-LäBSTEDT. ~24 x 20 mm.


The DRKB, “Deutscher Reichskriegerbund” (German National-veterans’-league), was formed during WWI, and was based on the DKB, “Deutscher Kriegerbund,” originally formed after the Franco-Prussian war in the 1870s. By 1936 it had incorporated most of the varied veterans’ associations into it, and was itself re-named the NS-RKB, “Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund,” in 1938.

WWII German NSRKB (Veterans) 40 Year Membership Badge

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