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An original WWII German NS-RKB cap badge here, which would have originally been worn in the center of an oakleaf cluster on the NSRKB visor cap. Condition is as depicted in photos. obvious wear present to the white and red painted surfaces. Both prongs remaining to the reverse. 


The DRKB, "Deutscher Reichs-Krieger-Bund" (German National-veterans’-association), was formed during WWI, and based on the DKB, "Deutscher Krieger-Bund," originally formed in the 1870s. By 1936 it had incorporated most of the varied veterans’ associations into it, and was itself re-named the NS-RKB, "Nationalsozialistische Reichskriegerbund" (National-socialist State-veterans’-organization), in 1938. 

WWII German NS-RKB (Veterans) Cap Badge

SKU: CBK0200

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