Nice original WWII German Luftwaffe flak artillery collar tab here. Single gull device attached to denote the rank of "kanonier." Very good condition.


The Luftwaffe was the aerial-warfare branch of the German Wehrmacht before and during World War II. By October of 1944, the anti-aircraft units had 600,000 soldiers and 530,000 auxiliaries, including 60,000 male members of the Reichsarbeitsdienst, 50,000 Luftwaffenhelfer (males age 15–17), 80,000 Flakwehrmänner (males above military age) and Flak-V-soldaten (males unfit for military service), and 160,000 female Flakwaffenhelferinnen and RAD-Maiden, as well as 160,000 foreign personnel. 

WWII German Luftwaffe Flak Collar Tab (Kanonier)

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