A very rare piece here in this original DVW lecture service book. Bound in navy blue with silver embossing, this book contains 5 pages. In between the pages, just as I found it, are German and foreign bank notes. It is possible that this book was used as a travel wallet of sorts during the war. On the spine of this book, in silver, it reads, "Deutsches Volksbildungswerk - Vortragsdienst." Vortragsdienst translates to "Lecture service." Excellent condition overall. Unique item.


The banknotes included:

  •  1943 Italian Lira - marked "Allied Currency"
  • 1939 20 mark Reichsbanknote
  • 1933 50 mark Reichsbanknote


~8.75" x 6.85"


The Reichsamt Deutsches Volksbildungswerk (DVW) emerged in 1936 from the "Department of Training and Public Education" of the National Socialist DAF organization Kraft durch Freude (KdF). The task was to organize cultural and cultural-political events. Its leader was Fritz Leutloff .


The main goal of the DVW was the cultural-political training of the adult population in the sense of National Socialism. In addition, it developed a lively activity in the field of ideological lectures and popular education. In a short time, the DVW became "the central official party organizer of author readings". 


As a sub-organization of the KdF, it had a widespread network of lecture and training centers as well as close contacts with the Gauleiters . In addition, unlike the KfdK or the NS cultural community , it was comparatively well funded. The first annual report of the DVW lists a total of 52,990 events with 3,873,801 participants throughout the Reich for 1937.

WWII German KdF/DVW Lecture Service Book (w/ Currency)

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