Very fine original KdF badge from Köln-Aachen. Likely worn by a member of the KdF, or possibly to commemorate a specific KdF event. Maker marked “F. Hoffstätter, Bonn” on the reverse; measuring 18 mm (w) x 31 mm (h). 


Kraft durch Freude (German: "Strength through Joy", abbreviated KdF) was a state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany. It was a part of the German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), the national German labour organization at that time. Set up as a tool to promote the advantages of National Socialism to the people, it had become the world's largest tourism operator by the 1930s.


The KdF was supposed to bridge the class divide by making middle-class leisure activities available to the masses. It also sought to bolster the German tourist industry, something it did successfully up until the outbreak of World War II. By 1934, over two million Germans had participated in a KdF trip. 

WWII German KDF Badge (Köln-Aachen)

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