A fine original WWII German "Heim Ins Reich" membership badge here. Enamel is in good condition and only shows minor signs of wear, any of which are visible in photos. Patina is present on some of the metal surfaces. Working pin and catch to the reverse, along with a "K & Q" maker's mark. Some writing is present on the reverse, I am unsure of it's origins. The buyer may attempt to remove this if they so desire. 



The Heim ins Reich (meaning "back home to the Reich") was a foreign policy pursued by Adolf Hitler before and during World War II, beginning in 1938. The aim of Hitler's initiative was to convince all Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) who were living outside Nazi Germany (e.g. in Austria, Czechoslovakia and the western districts of Poland) that they should strive to bring these regions "home" into Greater Germany, but also relocate from territories that were not under German control, following the conquest of Poland, in accordance with the Nazi–Soviet pact.


The Heim ins Reich manifesto targeted areas ceded in Versailles to the newly reborn state of Poland, various lands of immigration, as well as other areas that were inhabited by significant ethnic German populations, such as the Sudetenland, Danzig (now Gdansk), and the southeastern and northeastern regions of Europe after 6 October 1939.

WWII German "Heim Ins Reich" Badge (K & Q)

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