A nice example of the early NSDAP/SA/SS parteiadler visor insignia here, one prong remaining on the reverse. In fairly good shape with the exception of the missing prong, strong details. Measures at roughly 3.6 by 2.6 cm. Unmarked.


During Nazi rule, a stylised eagle combined with the Nazi swastika was made the national emblem (Hoheitszeichen) by order of Adolf Hitler in 1935. Despite its medieval origin, the term "Reichsadler" in common English understanding is mostly associated with this specific Nazi-era version. The Nazi Party had used a very similar symbol for itself, called the Parteiadler ("Party's eagle"). These two insignia can be distinguished as the Reichsadler looks to its right shoulder whereas the Parteiadler looks to its left shoulder.

WWII German, Early SA/SS Cap Eagle (Missing prong)

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