A fine original WWII German commemorative Reichsparteitag 1938 badge. This badge shows obvious oxidiation, but still has relatively strong details. Also features a working pin and catch to the reverse. It appears to be maker marked, but unfortunately it is difficult to decipher who the maker is. 


The Nuremberg Rally (officially Reichsparteitag, meaning "Reich Party Day") was a celebratory event held by the Nazi Party in Germany, first held in 1923. They were large Nazi propaganda events, especially after Adolf Hitler's rise to power in 1933, when they became annual occurrences at the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg until 1938. 

The 10th Party Congress was named the "Rally of Greater Germany" (Reichsparteitag Großdeutschland, September 5–12). This was due to the annexation of Austria to Germany that had taken place earlier in the year.

WWII German Commemorative Reichsaparteitag 1938 Tinnie

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