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A very interesting WWII German ribbon bar here in fair condition but showing obvious wear. Ribbons present are for the Sudetenland Medal, Long Service in the Luftwaffe, Spanish Military Merit medal, and Spanish Civil War service. This bar was logically worn by a member of the famed "Legion Condor" which participated in the Spanish Civil War.


The Condor Legion (German: Legion Condor) was a unit of military personnel from the air force and army of Nazi Germany, which served with the Nationalist faction during the Spanish Civil War. The Condor Legion developed methods of strategic bombing that were used widely during the Second World War. The bombing of Guernica was the most infamous operation by the Condor Legion. Hugo Sperrle commanded the unit's aircraft formations and Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma commanded the ground element.

WWII German 4 Position Ribbon Bar (Sudetenland, Luftwaffe, Legion Condor)

SKU: CBK0237

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