The German Zündwaren monopoly (translated Monopoly for Safety Matches) began in 1930 when Germany's Reichstag passed a bill named Zündwarenmonopolgesetz ("Safety Matches Monopoly Law"), which allowed the Deutsche Zündwaren-Monopolgesellschaft (translated "German Society for the Safety Matches Monopoly") exclusive rights to distribute safety matches within the borders of the German Empire.The only brands the Deutsche Zündwaren-Monopolgesellschaft could distribute were Welthölzer ("World Matches") and Haushaltsware ("Household article").

This match safe is made of brass and decorated with the center of a WWI German belt buckle. It comes complete with an original box of Haushaltsware matches. This matchbox design was only used from 1930-1945.

WWI German Trench Art Match Safe (w/ Matches)

SKU: GER0053