This is (likely) a post WWII plaque manufactured to commemorate the iconic moment during the Battle of Bastogne, where upon hearing that the Germans wished for him to surrender himself and the elements of the trapped 101st Airborne, Senior Officer Anthony Clement McAuliffe replied: “Nuts!” All of the features that are commonly found on these cast brass plaques are present, including the hanging loop on the reverse. Good condition overall.


The basic design features two military figures towering above a view of Bastogne. On the right, a German soldier offers surrender terms to American General McAuliffe, who is depicted as a typical American with his hands in his pockets. McAulliffe, as we all know, eventually responded to the perplexed Germans with "Nuts." The famous word "Nuts" is displayed between the two figures below the 101st Airborne division's "Screaming Eagle" patch.


Some claim that these plaques were made of spent artillery shells. I cannot confirm this. I can confirm that these plaques were produced by the citizens of Bastogne as a way to commemorate the liberation of the city, along with providing them with some income by selling these as souvenirs to American soldiers.


If you would like to read more about the origins of this plaque and why it says NUTS on it, there is an article here

US WWII/Post War Commemorative Plaque, 101st Airborne in Bastogne, Nuts!

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