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A fine original US Navy "Expert Pistol Shot" Marksmanship Medal here. Established in 1969 and awarded currently. This medal is in good condition and looks to be of early to mid 1970's manufacture.


The Marksmanship Medal is awarded for qualifying as an expert marksman on either the Sig Sauer M18 (Navy or Coast Guard), 9×19mm Beretta M9 (Navy or Coast Guard), .40 S&W SIG P229 DAK (Coast Guard only), or M16 rifle. To qualify at the expert level, a superior score must be obtained on an approved weapons qualification course. The standard Navy weapons qualification course for pistol normally consists of several courses of fire from strong-side supported (standing), weak-side supported (standing), and strong-side supported (kneeling) positions. For the rifle, the Navy qualification course consists of firing from a sitting and prone positions.

US, Vietnam War Era, Navy "Expert Pistol Shot" Marksmanship Medal

SKU: US0127

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