A beautiful wooden plaque depicting the insignia worn by the 69th Transportation Battallion. This plaque measures at 14" by 13.5" and has a hole for mounting on a wall which is visible in photos. This plaque shows honest age and was likely produced during the Korean war or immediately following. Shipping cost is factored into the price. 


The 69th Transportation Battalion saw action early in the Korean conflict, as it had been reactivated in Japan in June, 1949. It landed in Pusan in August 1950 and was the first such unit to operate north of that city. After the Inchon invasion and subsequent break-through, the Battalion moved forward with the combat elements of the Eighth United States Army.


During the Korean conflict, the 69th Transportation Battalion participated in all ten of the major campaigns. So, ten more campaign streamers, plus three meritorious unit commendations and one Republic of Korea presidential unit citation were added to the 69th's colors. After the cessation of hostilities, the Battalion participated in the repatriation of United Nationals personal who were prisoners of the conflict.

US, Korean War, 69th Transportation Battalion Plaque

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