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A beautiful example of the Soviet Young Pioneers "Oath of a Pioneer" banner here, complete with it's original fringe. This banner is in good condition overall, likely early to mid 1970's production. It is single sided and retains all of it's original gold paint. Great display size at roughy 43" tall by 28" wide.


Printed on this banner is the oath which would be recited by all members of the Young Pioneers, which reads as follows: I, (last name, first name), joining the ranks of the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization, in the presence of my comrades, solemnly promise: to passionately love and cherish my Motherland, to live as the great Lenin bade us to, as the Communist Party teaches us to, as require the laws of the Pioneers of the Soviet Union.

Soviet Young Pioneers "Solemn Oath Of A Pioneer" Banner (~43"x28")

SKU: SOV0201

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