A beautiful late 1950's USSR Pioneer flag, inscribed "To fight for the cause of the Communist Party, be ready!" Depicted in the middle of the flag is a heavily embroidered hammer and sickle within a star, and the Pioneer motto "Always ready!". Some discoloration is present in areas and is visible in photos. The flagpole sleeve is torn at the hem, also visible in photos. Displays very well at 86 x 117 centimeters (33.85 x 46.06 inches). 


The Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization, abbreviated as the Young Pioneers, was a mass youth organization of the Soviet Union for children and adolescents aged age 9–15 that existed between 1922 and 1991. Similar to the Scouting organisations of the Western Bloc, Pioneers learned skills of social cooperation and attended publicly funded summer camps.

Soviet Young Pioneers Flag (Late 1950's Production, Embroidered)

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