A nice and early Soviet VOKhR visor cap here. It shows fading from sunlight throughout. Underneath the chinstrap there is a fair amount of the original band color still visible. Split pin buttons hold the chinstrap on and the star is a single piece construction with hot red enameling. This visor has some rather unusual features (non-VOKhR cockade, lack of piping, acceptance stamp) so just to be sure of its origin, I had it checked out by Mr. Randy Stewart of http://www.undertheredstar.com, who said:


"This is an older VOKhR cap (probably from late 40s or early 50s). The red star is OK for such an older cap. The gray top is merely sun-bleached black; as the green band also suffered. The split-pin buttons were used from the late 40s to early 60s. Too bad I can’t make out the whole of the stamp, since usually at the lower left it showed the last two years of the date of manufacture. It is unusual for a VOKhR cap to have that type of acceptance stamp (which is what it is) – which probably signifies this cap was intended for VOKhR guards assigned to the Ministry of Defense."


An excellent and unique visor for the Soviet collector and a fine addition to anyones collection of headgear. 

Soviet VOKhR (Militarized Guards) Visor Cap (Early)

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