This early Order of the Red Star (Serial No. 347, 215) is in good condition, but has some characteristics that are consistent with long term wear. Some of the shine and luster is gone from the enamel of this order. There are not any major points of enamel damage, but many small scratches and visible dulling/contact wear to the center. The wear accurately reflects the job of it's original owner. A matching spinner is present on the reverse, along with clear serial number and maker mark.


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Aleksei Karpovich Naumenko was born in the Belorussian SSR, Mogilev Oblast, Klimovichi District, in the village of Eroshovka in 1900. His record card lists his education level as "elementary." Aleksei's service in the Red Army began on the 7th of July, 1941. On the 4th of September, 1943, Aleksei was awarded the Order of the Red Star for his actions from August 3rd to August 20th, 1943 outside of the villages of Bolshukha, Chuzhbinovka, Annovka, Kraichiki – Smolensk Oblast. Aleksei was a courier who, while wounded, delivered critical orders under heavy enemy fire. He is also recognized for destroying 7 enemy soldiers, 2 of which while delivering orders.

In additon to his Order of the Red Star, Aleksei Karpovich Naumenko was awarded two medals For Bravery (one in 1944 and one in 1945), a Combat Merit Medal, and an Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd Class 1985.


His citation for the Order of the Red Star reads as follows


"Comrade Naumenko was a participant of the battles outside Kashira – Moscow Oblast, and Zaitsevaya Gora – Smolensk oblast, where he was twice wounded. In battles from 13.08 to 20.08.1943, he proved himself a courageous and brave soldier. On 19.08.1943, in battle outside the village of Krachiki – Smolensk Oblast, when the right flank of our units lagged in the general chain of the offensive, courier Naumenko was sent by the regiment’s commander with orders to the commander of the 1st Rifle Battalion to speed the pace of advance. In spite of heavy enemy fire and suffering a wound, the order was delivered by Comrade Naumenko on time.

On 20.08.1943, while delivering an order to the battalion staff, Comrade Naumenko noticed a group of Germans, up to five men, upon which Comrade Naumenko opened fire with his personal weapon, and killed 2 Germans. Taking part in the repulse of an enemy counterattack, Comrade Naumenko killed 5 Germans.

I motion for awarding Comrade Naumenko the Order of the Red Star."


Aleksei's Red Army service ended on the 15th of August 1945. Following demobilzation, he returned to the Belorussian SSR and worked at Klimovichi Silicate Factory as a metalworker. According to Soviet records, his official home address is also listed as "Klimovichi Silicate Factory."

Soviet Order of the Red Star (Serial No. 347, 215 - Researched, Courier, Wounds)

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