A fine original 5th type Soviet Order of the Red Banner here. This Order was awarded in 1956 to Aleksandr Nikolaevich Baraboshkin, a Captain of the Technical Service, for 20 years of military service.


Baraboshkin served as a Senior Detatchhment Technician for the 597th Training Aviation Regiment, 30th Military Aviation Officer School for Combat Training of Long-Range Aviation. He is also recognized (in his Order of the Red Star citation) for 280 flight hours and 160 sorties as flight mechanic on Li-2 aircraft, transferring the corps’ materiel and personnel. Additionally noted as section technician for the HQ element, and for servicing 50 transfer flights and 6 combat sorties by Airacobas.


In addition to the Order of the Red Banner, Baraboshkin was also awarded the Order of the Red Star x2, Combat Service Medal, Medal for Victory Over Germany, Medal for Liberation Of Prague, and the Medal for Capture of Berlin.


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The Order Of The Red Banner was established on 16 September 1918, during the Russian Civil War by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. It was the highest award of Soviet Russia, subsequently the Soviet Union, until the Order of Lenin was established in 1930. Recipients were recognised for extraordinary heroism, dedication, and courage demonstrated on the battlefield. The Order was awarded to individuals as well as to military units, cities, ships, political and social organizations, and state enterprises. In later years, it was also awarded on the twentieth and again on the thirtieth anniversary of military, police, or state security service without requiring participation in combat (the "Long Service Award" variant).

Soviet Order of the Red Banner (Serial No. 501,867 - Researched)

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