A nice original 1985 jubilee Soviet Order of the Great Patriotic War, 2nd class. Serial number is 5,910,507. This version of the order was awarded in 1985 to all living veterans of WWII. Good condition, matching spinner on the reverse with clear serial number and maker's mark. 


The Order of the Patriotic War is a Soviet military decoration that was awarded to all soldiers in the Soviet armed forces, security troops, and to partisans for heroic deeds during the German-Soviet War, known since the mid-1960s in the former Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War.


In 1985, during the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Victory Day, it was decided that all surviving veterans of the war would be awarded either 2nd or 1st class of the Order.


Soviet Order Of The Patriotic War, 2nd Class (1985 Jubilee, 5,910,507)

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