The Order of Glory (Russian: Орден Славы) was a military decoration of the Soviet Union established by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on November 8, 1943. It was awarded to soldiers and non-commissioned officers of the Red Army, as well as to aviation junior lieutenants, for bravery in the face of the enemy. 


This specific Order of Glory, 3rd class was awarded to Nikolai Ivanovich Kulikov, a machine gunner in the 645th Rifle Regiment who served from 12.1941 - 04.1943. He was awarded this Order of Glory on July 3rd, 1970 and it is likely for wounds sustained during WWII. The citation for this specific award is not readily available and would cost ~$25 to obtain through those who provide research on Soviet awards. 


The buyer will recieve scans of available research content emailed to them, as well as a basic physical printed copy of the associated record card.

Soviet Order of Glory, 3rd Class (Researched, Machine Gunner, Wounds)

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