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A partially researched Soviet labor grouping here consisting of 1 Order of the Badge of Honor, 1 Order of the Red Banner of Labour - both with original serialized boxes from the manufacturer, with one box being named. Also present is a document from the original owner's employer, the Sumy Sugar Refinery, which is also named. The awardee's name is documented in all locations as "Фесенко С.С." (Fesenko, S. S.)


Order of the Badge of Honour (Serial No. 671,400)  - This is a type 4 award, concave reverse. It is multi-piece construction, with the letters "CCCP" being soldered on rather than molded into the badge itself. Type 4 awards were circulated from 1953 until 1988.


Order of the Red Banner of Labour (Serial No. 1,062,381) - This is a Type 6, Variation 2, indicated by the sickle blade running over the hammer.



The Soviet Order of the Red Banner of Labour was an order of the Soviet Union established on December 28, 1920, to honour great deeds and services to the Soviet state and society in the fields of production, science, culture, literature, the arts, education, health, social and other spheres of labour activities.


The Order of the Badge of Honour was a civilian award of the Soviet Union. It was established on 25 November 1935, and was conferred on citizens of the USSR for outstanding achievements in production, scientific research and social, cultural and other forms of social activity; for promotion of economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other ties between the USSR and other countries; and also for significant contribution to basic and applied research.

Soviet Labour Grouping, ORBL / OBH & Document (Partially Researched)

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