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A very striking original copy of Der Schulungsbrief dated 1938. Der Schulungsbrief functioned as a political indoctrination magazine that was distributed by the NSDAP. In fairly good condition for it's age, however showing some separation of front cover - which is visible in photos. This issue primarily discusses topics regarding healthcare with statements typical of the time, such as:


"This Marxist, ultimately culminating in Bolshevik decomposition and dissolution, but also ecclesiastical-Christian ideology corresponded to the preferential treatment that the morally inferior, mentally ill, feeble-minded and psychopaths experienced in the practice of the old welfare. The National Socialist charitable organization countered this procedure, which bordered on the complete abolition of natural selection, by acknowledging the unequal value of human beings due to the differences in hereditary disposition."

Pre-WWII German NSDAP "Der Schulungsbrief" Healthcare Issue, 1938

SKU: GER0217

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