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An original copy of Der Schulungsbrief dated 1936. Der Schulungsbrief functioned as a political indoctrination magazine that was distributed by the NSDAP. In fair condition with the exception of the front and back cover being completely detatched - which is visible in photos. This issue primarily discusses topics regarding German colonies and racial policy, with statements typical of the time, such as:


"Today the entire preservation of the German people is threatened, but most of all the Nordic-related heritage. That's why we welcome it Efforts of our leader and the National Socialist movement not only to settle on the farm and to eliminate foreign races, but also to achieve a modification of the valuable German genetic material in terms of blood. Since almost two-thirds of the Germans live in cities, it is not enough to settle only as farmers. In addition to the valuable German peasantry, it must also be possible to preserve the high-quality families of the crafts, the middle class and the city as a whole and the heritage of these families to improve. Without striving for a nobility of name, we have to get back to the point where leaders emerge, both in the country and in the city, who can be regarded as a blood-based class of leaders. This can only be achieved if we pursue racial studies and racial care"

Pre-WWII German NSDAP "Der Schulungsbrief" Colonial Issue, 1936

SKU: GER0219

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