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A nice post-war Polish award set here, complete with award document and original box. This Medal for Particpation in the Battle of Berlin was awarded to Aleksander Wlazlowski, paperwork is dated 1973. Good condition overall. 


The Medal for Participation in the Battle of Berlin was established by the Sejm by the Act of April 21, 1966, to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany and the contribution of the Polish People's Army in the capture of Berlin in 1945. According to the law, the medal was a recognition of people who took part in the 1945 Berlin Offensive. The ordinance of the Minister of National Defense of April 25, 1966 defined the rules and procedure for awarding the medal, the pattern of the badge and the manner of wearing.

Pursuant to the regulation, the medal was awarded to persons who performed military service in the period from April 1945 to May 9, 1945 in the following units of the Polish Army:

  • 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division
  • 2nd Pomeranian Haubic Artillery Brigade 
  • 1st Independent Mortar Brigade 
  • 6th Warsaw Independent Motorized Pontoon-Bridge Battalion 
  • Polish Independent Special Battalion 

Polish (PRL) Medal for Participation in the Battle of Berlin (Cased w/ Document)


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