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A very nice original PRL (Polish People's Republic) era award here. This Order of the Banner of Labour is in good condition with obvious patina over it's silver surfaces. Enamel is in good condition. Come with original award box, embossed with the PRL-era Polish eagle without crown. 


The Order of the Banner of Labor (Polish: Order Sztandaru Pracy) was a governmental award in Poland during the 20th-century era of the Polish People's Republic, a former Marxist-Leninist state.


The order was established by the Sejm (a chamber of the Polish parliament) on 2 July 1949. It was given in recognition of "unique achievements for the Nation and the Country". In 1960 the criteria for receiving this award were changed to "special achievements for building socialism in the Polish People's Republic".


The Order was also awarded to institutions and was automatically awarded to miners after 20 years of dedicated labor.

Polish People's Republic, Order of the Banner of Labor, 2nd Class (Cased)


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