After the Hungarian monarchy was formally abolished following the abdication of Admiral Horthy and the defeat of Hungary in World War II, on 14 September 1946 the National Assembly of Hungary disestablished the order and replaced it by the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyar Köztársasági Érdemrend). After the Communist take over of Hungary and the promulgation of the new Hungarian constitution on August 20, 1949, the new order was disestablished. 


A very rare 1st Class (Gold) Order of Merit 1946 from the People's Republic Of Hungary. The ribbon on this medal is red (with a green stripe and a white stripe) which indicates that it is for a recipient in the military. These Orders Of Merit were only awarded for 3 years, and not widely awarded over that time period. A very rare piece of immediate post-war Hungarian militaria. 

Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, 1946 (1st Class/Gold Grade)


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