A very fine Imperial German tri-color pennant here, complete with hanging rings. This pennant measures at 13.5"x9.5" and is constructed of three pieces of cloth. Hanging rings are sewn at the corners. Some light wear is present in the form of small spots on the center stripe, all are visible in photos. 


The colours black-white-red appeared on Germany's flag for the first time in 1867, in the constitution of the North German Confederation. This nation state for Prussia and other north and central German states was expanded to the south German states in 1870–71, under the name German Empire. It kept these colours until the revolution of 1918–19. Thereafter, black-white-red became a symbol of the political right.


The national socialists (Nazi Party) re-established these colours along with the party's own swastika flag in 1933. After World War II, black-white-red was still used by some conservative groups or by groups of the far right.

Imperial German Tricolor Pennant (w/ Attached Hanging Rings)

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