This flag is specifically from the "Hungarian Women's Democratic Union" (MNDSZ) and is dated 1950 III. 8. It is made primarily of silk and was improperly stored for 63ish years. It has many stains, small tears, and color bleeding. This flag predates the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and thus features the 1949–1956 Hungarian coat of arms. The Danuvia factory famously produced weapons and motorcycles, in addition to other items. The flag was to be hung vertically 


Despite it's condition, this is a one-of-a-kind flag which links the famous Hungarian weapons factory to the Hungarian Women's Democratic Union with a clear date and inscription for both. This is the only such flag that exists. It measures at roughly 28" x 58" (fringe included).

Hungarian Women's Democratic Union "MNDSZ" Banner (Danuvia Factory, 1950 III. 8)